Important changes to current compliance laws

In April of this year a series of important amendments were made by the department for communities and local government regarding Part L of the 2010 Schedule 1 Building Regulations act. These amendments relate specifically to the energy efficiency and conservation of fuel and power. Such changes have been driven by the governments desire to create more energy efficiency buildings and mean that new homes will have to be 6% more efficient and new non domestic buildings will have to be 9% more energy efficient than currently required by the existing standards.

In order to comply with these new tighter regulations, material cost of development is likely to increase. As with previous revisions to the Building Regulations Act, these amendments do compensate for transitional, ongoing schemes. As such, those registered prior to the implementation date of April 6th building regulations. The government has allowed businesses time to properly plan for the implementation of these increased obligations however, there is a hidden trap for developers entering new agreements.

Any developer who may have registered a scheme before the 6th Building Regulations. However, the developer could be contractually obliged to ensure that the work's comply with the most up to date, amended and more expensive regulations as the changes to Part L come into action. This could lead to further expenditure or a breach of contract with the tenant or purchaser. Unless the legal documents accurately cater for this potential trap, those documents may oblige the developer to design and construct works which are of a more onerous nature than was initially intended.

Both time and care are now needed to compensate for these new government amendments. For further information on how these changes may affect your business, wither current or future, don't hesitate to contact our team of industry experts.

2014 will not be affected providing they meet the pre-amended of April 2015 may reasonably anticipate that they only need comply with the current